Wild Coffee, Poomaale Estate

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This batch was grown in Poomaale Estate, Kodagu, a Beforest Collective. Bewild products are made from produce grown wild, without any natural or artificial pesticides and fertilizers and minimal maintenance. The existence of this estate has helped the surrounding forests resist disease, enhanced soil quality and helped in the regrowth of native species. Hence, forest friendly produce. The estate also adopts a fair share policy with 50% of the estate left as wilderness habitat and corridor. Dozens of forest specific species of birds and mammals including otters, civet cats, leopards and elephants call Poomaale their home. 

The ground coffee is available in two variants 

KAHI - 100% Robusta single origin coffee. This is a slightly darker roast and a has a dark chocolate like after taste to it. Perfect for a wake up coffee. 

SIHI - Robusta and Arabica blend with 20% chicori. This has a sweeter finish and is closer to the traditional filter coffee.