About Us

Bewild is the food produce arm of Beforest. Forests are fundamental to our existence and without them there is no us. At Bewild, we are using sustainable farming as a tool to support and enhance forest systems in the country. All our produce is sourced from farms that do not exploit or pressure the landscape but instead enhance it, in terms of soil quality, the ground water, the air quality and the biodiversity. The existence of these farms has helped the eco system, including the birds, insects, worms and the mammals do better. Hence forest friendly produce

The farms we source from strictly follow principles of earth care, people care and fair share. This makes them excellent examples of existence in perfect harmony with nature. We are also very conscious of the carbon foot print on the produce we give you - the packaging we use, the distance the produce has travelled to sit on your table, etc. It is our strong belief that food should be seasonally grown and locally consumed. Hence our food is usually restricted to a 200-300km radius from where it grows. Some commodities like coffee are exceptions, since they only grow in pockets but are consumed through out the country.

We are solely focussed on the domestic market for now. We believe that produce should first fill the farmer's stomach and then his neighbours and then ripple out. With 1.3 billion mouths to feed, we think its a long time before we look overseas for growth. With this principle in mind, the farms we source from are great examples of self sufficiency with the staff and the stake holders being fed almost completely from their farm. This also enhances the care and the dedication with which this produce was grown as the relationship between the farmer and the plant goes beyond a commercial transaction.

Our source farms have a healthy biodiversity in terms of birds and mammals. Most of the farms have managed to find innovative solutions to elephants, wild boars, monkeys, deer etc without solar fencing the farm or hurting them. Thus It is not uncommon to encounter wildlife in these farms. They are in fact welcome and encouraged to move through the farm. The conflict is handled using behavioural cues that help them understand that they are welcome to consume as much as they want in certain parts of the farm. Usually atleast 20-25% of these farms are dedicated to hosting big mammal wildlife. Thus most of these are great birding and wildlife viewing destinations as well.

Every time you pick a bewild product, be assured that it has been grown responsibly, packaged in the most sustainable way and most importantly that you have contributed towards keeping a forest intact. So go ahead and explore our store