Bewild FAQs

How is Bewild Coffee Processed? 

Our coffee is processed using a natural process. 

Natural process, dry process, unwashed, sun dried or cherry, all refer to the same method of processing that usually involves drying coffee cherries on either patios or raised beds in the sun. This process ensures that we save almost 130 litres of water for every bag of coffee processed. 

What Is A Natural Method? 

Natural process or cherry (commonly used in India) refers to the method of processing that involves drying coffee cherries on either patios or raised beds in the sun. To prevent the cherries from spoiling, they are raked and turned throughout the day and then covered at night or during rain storms, to protect them from moisture 

This process, which can normally take between 3-6 weeks, is a traditional method of processing coffee. This process of drying the cherries out in the sun originated in places without reliable access to water. After the cherries have been dried to the optimum level, they are sent to mills or curing works to separate the seeds from the rest of the dried fruit. 

The natural process, also known as the dry process, is a back-to-basics approach that stems from Ethiopia. The fruit remains on the bean, and dries undisturbed. Although it needs less investment, it still requires certain climatic conditions to ensure the drying of the fruit and seed in time. 

What Is A Dark Roast?   

Roasting involves using the art and science of time, temperature and air. Dark roasts are dark brown, slightly oily, sometimes almost black, in color. They resemble chocolate, if it was shaped like a coffee bean. Oils can be seen on the beans at this point. Dark Roasts showcase a bold body and a richer taste. When drinking a dark roast, you’re almost exclusively tasting notes from the roast and not from the origin or farm. Dark roasted coffees are best when consumed with milk, hence used to create espressos, cappuccinos, cold coffees etc.

What Occasions Are Bewild Coffee's Ideal For?

  • Pēruḥ - A strong cup of filter. For the morning coffee drinkers who need a kick/coffee rush. Also for sweet coffee lovers (as you can add sweetener without masking the flavour of the coffee)
  • Jāga – For home brewers, balanced coffee lovers and coffee connoisseur
  • Parimaḷa – Ideal for Espresso home brewers
  • Bhūmi – For the lazy ones who are looking for an easy way to brew. Mild and balanced coffee lovers.
  • Vāyu - A cup of light and creamy coffee. Ideal for evening cups after work
  • Sandhyā – A sundowner for Cocktail and Iced coffee with cream lovers, who prefer Cold Coffee

What Makes Bewild Coffee’s Unique

What makes Bewild Coffee unique is where and how it grows and is processed.  

To start with, Bewild Coffee’s are sourced entirely from our Poomaale (literally meaning– Garland of Flowers) Estate at Kakkabe (Coorg). Located in the midst of the Western Ghats at an elevation of 1040 meters, the estate receives an average rainfall of 6000 mm a year. It is home to diverse wildlife ranging from elephants, wild boars, monkeys, deer, insects and birds whose undisturbed natural habitats make up at least 20-25% of the land.

Despite the abundant wildlife at the estate, any human-animal conflict is prevented by using behavioural cues that help them understand that they are welcome to consume as much as they want in certain parts of the farm.   

Bewild Coffee, along with all our other produce grows naturally, without the use of any external nutrition, artificial pest control and with limited external intervention.  

We follow the Permaculture philosophy of ‘Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share’; while supporting co-existence with abundant wildlife. 

The immediate impact of this is that the surrounding forests have also benefited from this approach. The existence of these farms has helped the eco system, including the wildlife and surrounding forests thrive. Our produce growing in such a natural forest environment without any external intervention, is what we refer to as forest friendly produce

All our coffee is processed using a natural or dry process that usually involves drying coffee cherries on either patios or raised beds in the sun which reduces the use of water substantially.  

All our produce is not only grown and processed responsibly, but also packaged sustainably. 

So, by choosing a Bewild product, you are contributing towards keeping a forest intact.